Puzzle Quest goes deep in space with Galactrix

I had Puzzle Quest: Galactrix in my DS for a few hours this week and came away impressed.  As a fan of the first Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for DS, the news that they were putting out “Puzzle Quest in space” got me salivating.  Galactrix is again an addicting game, but the story and world are much deeper than that in Challenge of the Warlords.  Characters have much more dialog than before and it’s mostly well written.  The universe you fly around in is much larger than the map from Warlords.  Even from the few hours I played, there was talk of aquiring more crew members (I already have four) and additional ships.  Along with this depth, there are additional load times which became a little frustrating, but actually gives you a break to stretch your stylus cramped hand.  Puzzle battles are basically the same, but using a Hexic style game instead of the Bejewled type of game from the first Puzzle Quest.

While it’s a relief that Galactrix isn’t just Warlords coated in sci-fi, it has a much bigger focus on the adventure and story.  This was slightly off-putting for me since the first one was more a matter of wandering around and battling without too much thought about who or why you were battling.  That said, it’s an excellent game and well worth checking out if you’re into puzzles or RPGs.