PS3: The Wildcard

For a while now, i’ve been wondering about the PS3’s absence since E3. Sony promised big things for their system and have only shown a few paltry videos since May. In this Kotaku article, analysts are saying that Sony’s silence might be a sign that not all is right behind Sony’s curtain. Basically what they say is that the lack of a price and specific launch date means huge problems are plaguing the system.

I find this interesting, because i’m worried about exactly the opposite. I started to worry once Sony made it clear their PS3 controller was a pure concept. My concerns grew when, all of a sudden, Nintendo was the company spilling beans. As tight-lipped and secretive as Nintendo are, PS3 may have traded places with Revolution as the wildcard. Although, they’re both fighting for that distinction; both silent observers of the competition.

Sony might be making their own Revmote for all we know. Maybe they’re working on an “Xbox Live killer” or making PS3 a little cheaper than an Xbox 360 premium, both of which together would pretty much be the death knell for the Xbox. They could be mass producing it as we speak. As late as it may come, i think that when it does, it might be a bigger beast than Sony claims it to be. It keeps getting games (or believable rumors of them) so something must be right.

Are you worried or confident about Revolution because of Sony’s silence?


  1. Sony.

    Discman – Getting pumbled by IPod.

    PSP – Getting put in its place by nintendo
    PS2 – Poorest graphics of the three (consols) and lost popularity after Xbox made a better controller and went Live.

    PS3: Blue Ray tech is expensive and if the PSP’s tag is anywhere similar (in margin not actual price) that they will want too much for too little. The PS2 has a really high failure (malfunction) rate in hardware and so does the PSP. If they half ass the PS3 like they have everything else…sucks to be them them.

    I’m worried that people will actually buy a PS3.

    I am confident that the PS3 will be over priced.

    I am placing my bet with Nintendo, even if Sony tries to copy from Nintendo for the 100th time.

  2. The more I look at it. Nintendo was the smart one by announcing the Next Gen didn’t need HD support. It is too soon. The XBox 360 is proving that even today. The graphics are just a little better than RE4 on the Gamecube, although in some cases worse. Sony is aiming to blow out all of competition with the PS3 although in the long run, who will pay $800+ even for a Blu-Ray/game machine? With the NES controller on steriods? Especially when you have a new way of controlling your games (eg. Revolution remote controller.) Anyone with me here?

  3. Yeah but I think that Rollin was getting at the fact that Sony may make their controller similar or even “better” than the Revs, while also bitch slaping Xbox Live.

    But i am with you Anonoymous.

  4. C’mon, this time next year 360 games are gonna be gorgeous… We all know it takes a while for developers on any system to really figure out the hardware. Look how late in the game RE4 came out in the Cube’s lifecycle. And you’re right, Anon, no one will pay $800 for the PS3. And that’s why no one will charge $800 for the PS3. Also, there’s no way PS3 will launch with a Rev-esque controller. Nintendo is struggling in the console market, and Sony and Microsoft have an air of superiority, like they aren’t even taking Nintendo seriously. There’s been so many interviews where N is just dismissed by the big two. Copying their controller would just be too desperate a move for a company that’s firmly established as the market leader. I’m sure they’ll come out with a Rev-esque controller eventually (if it proves successful), but certainly not at launch.

    And what would be wrong with that? Why should we care if they take their inspiration from Nintendo again? Why does it matter who is “in the lead” as long as someone is making great games? I would love nothing more than for someone to finally start making games better than Nintendo. It would be about damn time, and more great games for us!

  5. The more articles I read about rumoured problems with all aspects of the PS3, the more I get thinking that the opposite is true. I haven’t read any articles talking to worried developers.

    If Sony manages to pull a great system out of their ass they will ruin Microsoft. With XBox 360 releasing first and the Playstation brand being so huge around the world, Sony has all the tools/answers they need to deliver with an advantage.

    Nintendo is sitting pretty with a system that will be affordable enough to be a companion system to either of the other two as well as strong enough to be the only system in someone’s home. Not many people will be able to convince their wives/parents/pocketbooks to get BOTH a PS3 and XBox360.

  6. Smart thinking, George.

  7. “And that’s why no one will charge $800 for the PS3.”

    Blue Ray players will cost around $700 this fall. basic Blue Ray Players.

    PS3 will play Blue Ray as well as games, and from what it looks like support video chat and services superior to Xbox Live.

    High end 360s are $700 and some change. And you dont have to have a High End 360 to play all games but PS3’s games will mostly be Blue Ray and so the Blue Ray tech has to be included with the standard PS3 (if they even have High End models).

    I hope you can put that together on your own Albo.

  8. Albo…good point about the controller though…

  9. Got this for you guys…

    “Among Blu-ray manufacturers, only Pioneer and Panasonic
    disclosed initial player prices, with consoles weighing in at $1,800 and $1,000,respectively”


  10. “High end 360s are $700 and some change.”

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we were talking about eBay markups and exploitative “bundles”.

    Also, you don’t know how much a basic Blu-Ray player will cost in the fall. First gen basic DVD players were about $1000 at launch but dropped fast. Plus, we already know how much it will cost Sony to put a Blu-Ray drive in the PS3: $100.

    Sony’s not the market leader because they’re stupid. They know no one will pay $800 for a gaming system. You know that’s true.

  11. Have you SEEN that Pioneer player? It’s part of their souped up “Elite” line. The plain old DVD equivalent goes for tons more than a “basic” player.

  12. Albo, good point about the developers figuring out the hardware, although from many sources, including Nintendo, the Revolution will be very similar to the Gamecube, with the controller expansion. I too believe that XBox 360 will get better with age but on the other hand, I don’t need or want to see sweat on basketball players and call it GREAT GRAPHICS! We all need to remember what happened to Sega last generation with the Dreamcast and pushing it to the market before the PS2, XBox and Gamecube. Getting a leap on the competition is not always the right move.

  13. Albo, the bundles i refered to included games. My bad. But The “Core System” for Xbox is 399.99. Microsoft stated by this holiday season they will make 360s with HD-DVD technology included so that will either rise it or keep it the same for next holiday price drop.

    I think that Sony expects hype to be enough to make people want to buy PS3’s for up to $800, but maybe $499 is more reasoable for 1 controller, 3 months free online platinum service or whatever.

    I saw the Pioneer player and it is very High end. I sed a basic player would be around $700, which is probably pretty close.

    Also Resedent Evil 4 has great graphics and was a late contender but please dont overlook Metroid Prime. It has amazing graphics and it was not too far after the luanch. Not too relevent but just wanted to throw it in.

    I’m not saying Sony is stupid, all i know is a lot of people I know got pissed off becauase their PS2 stoped working after a year. In fact it seemed like a time bomb went off and everyones PS2 stoped playing certian formats. PsP has a ton of issues as well, and it got punked by DS last holiday season.

    Sony keeps leaving bad tastes in everyones mouths, just like sega did with Sega CD, 32X, Saturn. ext.

    I was a sony guy for a long while, but I guess I hold grudges.

    Nintendo leads me to believe they want people to play games more than they want to make money and flex their specs. I like their stradegey about making fun games and non intimidating controllers. I can only go “Ohhhh, pretty” for a while before I wish i was playign a fun game, and paying much less for it too.

  14. I second all that, Frisby. 😉 $499 sounds just about right to me.

  15. Nintendo is ALWAYS the quiet one. They’re still quiet. Sony always boasts about their greatness. It’s just their style. I’m concerned that they’re so quiet. They couldn’t wait to tell us how great the PS2 was. They also told us all whenever a new game was added to launch the day it was confirmed. For a spring Launch there aren’t very many games lined up. There should be confirmed games if it’s coming out within 3 months.

  16. E3

  17. Yeah, you guys have all made some really good points. However, someone said something earlier that irked me. Ah, here it is (and I truly am not trying to be mean; I just have natural urge to challenge when need be…)

    “I’m sure they’ll [Sony] come out with a Rev-esque controller eventually (if it proves successful), but certainly not at launch. And what would be wrong with that? Why should we care if they take their inspiration from Nintendo again? Why does it matter who is ‘in the lead’ as long as someone is making great games?”

    I understand what you’re saying to a point, but the one thing that really bugged me was when you asked “What would be wrong with that? [Copying the Rev’s controller]”

    …*takes deep breath*

    Now, before I say anything, you should know:
    A) I am NOT a Nintendo “fanboy” or whatever they call it these days – if you want to call me one, whatever, but I am just giving my honest opinion on things.
    B) I realize that eventually, other companies are going to copy the idea of the Revolution’s controller and though it bugs me, there really isn’t anything I can do about it. And that’s fine.
    C) I’m not trying to bash what you said – because I like how you presented your own opinion. Again, I’m just challenging your thoughts.


    There would be, in my honest opinion, a LOT wrong with the other companies copying Nintendo’s new controller, especially if Sony did it at launch. You’re right, Nintendo will always provide us with better games, and in the end, what really matters isn’t who’s on the top of the charts… But I am sick and tired of the other companies STEALING Nintendo’s ideas, “improving” them, and calling them their own original designs.

    It pisses me off that Microsoft and Sony “fanboys” have the nerve to trash talk a company such as Nintendo whereas they have provided the gaming industry with EVERYTHING thus far:
    +The standard controller-held-in-two-hands-with-buttons
    +The controller with L+R shoulder buttons
    +The controller with a “joystick” (N64 was the first to use the joystick with 3D games) AND a directional pad
    +The controller with trigger buttons (Z on the N64 controller)
    +A highly effective, responsive, functioning wireless controller (WaveBird)
    +The first efficient, light-weight rumble pack
    +The first small, light-weight and, again, efficient “save-pack”

    The list, quite frankly, goes on and on and on…

    Imagine what the gaming industry would look like without them! Now Nintendo has this “kiddy” image, and I understand that many of their games appear like they’re made for younger kids… but guess what! They’re SUPPOSED to! Unlike PS2 and Xbox, Gamecube includes that percentage of gamers in the world called KIDS! Remember when WE were young playing all sorts of Mario games?? Hell, I still love them, mainly because that’s what I’ve grown up with, and I know many others that do – but others chuck them out the window before even playing them just because they’re “kiddy”. Imagine if there WAS no Mario and all it was was Halo, Grand Theft Auto… woo! Imagine what the little kids would be like in the future.

    It sounds dramatic, but really, I’m fed up of people with their comments. And obviously, this is a Nintendo news/fan site, so it’s not found here, but you all know what I’m talking about.

    So THAT’s what’s wrong with Sony and Xbox copying Nintendo’s ideas – Them, and their consumers, not being thankful for Nintendo SUPPLYING them with such ideas; not giving them the CREDIT they DESERVE!

    Ugh! I would be saying the same thing if it were Sony that came up with the brilliance of the Revmote concept! I really would! But guess what – they DIDN’T come out wtih that idea. Nintendo did. And now they’re acting all shady with their weird silences, leaving their speculators with practically nothing. They continue to make weird moves, and news is rarer than that of the Revolution.

    What will happen if they DO come out with a controller like the Revolution’s at launch?

    A) As Nintendo has been working on theirs for YEARS now, Nintendo’s will, without a doubt, function much, MUCH better.
    B) Again, since Ninty’s been working on theirs for years, the games will take much more advantage of the controller’s features in several different, unique ways. I can see Sony copying it and then just making a bunch of sports games. Woo! Where’s the VARIATION!?

    Agghhh sorry I kind of lost it, here, folks – I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m just fed up with people.

    So there you are, Infendo, there’s my response.


  18. PS3 its a succes in pre build and pre shipping units maybe sold… the incredible game graphics that anyone can’t play in a playable demos around the world, and the HUGE list of blurays movies confirmed (with “little” more than normal DVD definition to respond to hollywood piracy recomendations) make this machine a SUCCESS wait to happen..

    and i know my english suxx.
    jo jo 😉

  19. bryan_3089… EFFIN AWESOME RESPONSE!!!!

    If anything, GTA was soooo risky and soooo bloody its kind of gotten stale. I couldn’t go back and play GTA 3 again, in fact San Andreas was very lackluster. I still play original Mario Bros and I still Play Ocirania of Time. And its not just me.

    What is funny is the majority of people who say Nintendo makes “kiddy” games usually give responses that…well a child would.

    “Fuk Gaytendo, LOL, tey mak pussy games for babis. LMFAO LOL. Xbox pwnes Gay Cube, LOLOLOL!!!”

    The fact is some of the best conversational debates I’ve had online come from sites like this. And despite the fact that majority here are Nintendo “fan boys” we of look at things from all kinds of perspectives. Many more than “the other” fan boys do. Most of them havent even played a Game Cube, let alon owned one, so they really don’t have any room to talk.

    I would play Zelda, Animal Crossing, or Mario Sunshine for hours over Halo. And i say that because I have played it. I am subscribed to Nintendo Power and PSM and read each monthly isssue of the magazines several times over the month (on the john mostly).

    As for ripping off nintendo. I am all about forward progress. If someone didnt invented the first camera over a century ago we wouldnt all quality pictures we have now. But give credit where credit is due.

    I’m tired.



  21. Sony is huge into trying to push their own proprietary technology and Sony owned media into their products now. Greed is what brought Apple to their knees in the 80’s and early 90’s and greed is what is bringing Sony down now. $50 for a PSP game are you kidding me? Oh and to all of you Apple lovers, I’m sure you’ll have something to say, but Apple is still a greedy company. The only difference is that they found what niche to advertise to.

  22. You know, all these “OMFG PS3” posts and comments got old a long time ago. Pretty much all people do is bash a console that’s not even out — unless you’ve got a time machine or a damn clear crystal ball you’re in no position to really be saying ANYTHING. I’d suggest stop whining and complaining about PS3 and wait until it’s release.

  23. There is a lot of misinformation in these comments here.

    X360 HD-DVD will be an add-on drive not included in the system.

    PS2 may have poorer graphics but it has sold over 70 million units around the world. 30 million of the 70 is because of DVD playback and the rest is split up between second, third, and forth buys of broken PS2s and actual new comers to gaming.

    As for the comment on the Xbox 360 and graphic quality improving within a year Microsoft has a multiple core chip and developers are having hard times trying to program for it. Despite better development tools than Sony.

    You can see the graphics look exactly like this generation on the X360 with just some slight improvements in visual effects and interactivity. If you saw the 1up article with the poll asking can you tell the difference between Xbox and X360 it was insane how the graphics are identical to current games. I went through their list and 80% of the games looked exactly like their earlier counterpart.

    PS3 is worse with seven workable cores with one as a backup.

    Sony being so silent does not worry me. They are having problems but they are being fixed. The same situation happened with PS2 they were having problems and developers split but buy the time the launch of the PS2 or just after the developers came back.

    The PS3 will launch at $300 with Sony losing $200+ for each system. Why? Cause it will cost Sony at least $500 to create one system.

    PSP is also not doing well.

    In addition, the Blu Ray Movies will be $45 to $50 each while DVD will be $10 – $15 and HD-DVD will be $20 – $25 each.

    Sony is slipping.

  24. Nintendo has spent years developing the Revmote, and I don’t think a few months’ delay will be enough for Sony to come up with its own version of the technology. If they try, it will probably be half-assed. Of course, even that could be enough to erode the Revolution’s “unique innovation,” so let’s hope they’re not going down that road.

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