PS3: The Wildcard

For a while now, i’ve been wondering about the PS3’s absence since E3. Sony promised big things for their system and have only shown a few paltry videos since May. In this Kotaku article, analysts are saying that Sony’s silence might be a sign that not all is right behind Sony’s curtain. Basically what they say is that the lack of a price and specific launch date means huge problems are plaguing the system.

I find this interesting, because i’m worried about exactly the opposite. I started to worry once Sony made it clear their PS3 controller was a pure concept. My concerns grew when, all of a sudden, Nintendo was the company spilling beans. As tight-lipped and secretive as Nintendo are, PS3 may have traded places with Revolution as the wildcard. Although, they’re both fighting for that distinction; both silent observers of the competition.

Sony might be making their own Revmote for all we know. Maybe they’re working on an “Xbox Live killer” or making PS3 a little cheaper than an Xbox 360 premium, both of which together would pretty much be the death knell for the Xbox. They could be mass producing it as we speak. As late as it may come, i think that when it does, it might be a bigger beast than Sony claims it to be. It keeps getting games (or believable rumors of them) so something must be right.

Are you worried or confident about Revolution because of Sony’s silence?