Preview: Nitrobike sounds promising on Wii

Nitrobike (Wii)
Being the Excite Truck junkie that I am, I’m looking forward to this one. Wikipedia previews the goods:

Nitrobike will feature gameplay that is somewhat similar to its predecessors Excitebike 64 and Excite Truck. The controls in this game will be very similar to Excite Truck, with players holding the Wii Remote on its side and twisting the remote to the right or left in order to steer.

The physics in this game, while still retaining some aspect of realism, will have a very arcade-like feel. According to the CEO of Left Field Productions, James Higgins, the game will be about five times as fast as Excitebike 64, and players will be able to perform more impressive jumps than in the game’s predecessors. Higgins also noted that by performing tricks while in the air, players will be able to boost longer, which in turn will allow them to finish tracks faster.

Nitrobike will feature online play allowing up to six players to race against each other simultaneously. Players can compete in random worldwide matches or exchange friend codes to play against friends. The game will keep record of the number of races friends have competed in and the number of first place finishes.

Nitrobike races onto Wii on January 15, according to Ubisoft. Newish screens and videos here.