Preview: Nintendo Power (July 2006)

CodeNameRevolution has a nice scoop on the upcoming Nintendo Power, July issue. Here is the best of the best, but follow the source link for full details:

  • The 17-Page Blowout on Wii information starts off with screenshots and little previews of numerous [E3] games.
  • Nintendo Power interviews Tomb Raider creator Toby Gard. When asked about Wii he replied “To be honest with you, I don’t know an awful lot about (Wii). I haven’t got any of the inside scoops yet… I’m a huge fan of Nintendo. It’s always been sort of a dream of mine to work with Nintendo.”
  • “Reggie to Rumble” exclusive Nintendo Power interview. It’s three pages long. Speaks about Nintendo being an “And” company and his challenges before E3… He says the two key weaknesses of the Gamecube were that first the launch lineup was not diverse and strong enough from first-party/third-party perspective. Secondly after the launch window there was too much of a long gap of getting the next round of great titles out.
  • Nintendo Power was asked about NiGHTS and they had the following to say: “Actually, if there’s any existing franchise that seems tailer-made for Wii, it’s NiGHTS. Rumors from Japan suggest that such a game is in development, but Sega of America denies its existence. We’ll keep buggin’ em.”
  • Nintendo Power says nearly every major developer has at least one game in development for Wii’s launch window. Also a section on a few fan reactions to Wii name.
  • August 2006 Nintendo Power issue will have a look at “Wii at E3? and finally some breaking details on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

[via Go Nintendo]