Mario Kart Out in Europe

Mario Kart DS has officially launched across the Atlantic pond today. You know what that means? It means we gotta show these European amateurs the ropes. Today is the first day we can actually race across the world on Wifi, so let’s go out there and get’r done!


  1. This sucks. Sweden doesn’t have a nintendowifi-site and I can’t register anywhere else.

    Bergsala, the Swedish Nintendo distributor, is a joke!

    Why not have a single wifi community for all of us DS players? 🙁

  2. It was out in Australia on the 17th, so there was already across world syle races. Also our Nintendo wifi site still isn’t up (9 days after it was supposed to be), though there is a temporary fill in at the Nintendo Australia website.

    Anyway, it’s nice for Australia not to be considered part of Europe (videogame-wise) for once.

  3. Why cant you register??? Nintendo Spain does not have their own up but I havent tried to register anywhere else.

    BTW my friend code is


    Mr Haze i added you i play during the same hours , anonimous swedish add me and ill add you if you want

  4. Jacomar
    Added 😉
    will see if we can catch each other
    Italian MK Foundation

  5. “You know what that means? It means we gotta show these European amateurs the ropes.” – Rollin

    In your dreams mate! 😛
    In Britain we’ve got tons of joyriders and speeding youths! 😛
    Actually that’s not a good thing, but that’s not the point!

  6. Oh yea. It’s should be more proper with Europe, though, cause Australia’s hotspots r pretty much nonesistant from what i’ve heard. There will probably be a big influx of European racers on wifi.

    You know you don’t want none of this, Wai-Tung!! ^_^

  7. no one on line right now?

  8. Hey,

    Infendo , fox, gabe , fuzz, silent k gerrod , dp grave, kirbymistir

    i added you guys , mi FC is in this same post at the beggining. I suck but im not a quitter hehehe

    Im still winless thanks to all those bastards that quit when they cant win GRRR

  9. Hey Jacomar, if u wanna get romped, add me. FC: 330771 905074

    Come giddit!

  10. The anonymous Swedish guy here…

    Add me and I’ll race you.

    545520 863615

  11. I added you 2 guys. Get ready to lose 😛

  12. Ok, added Jaco and the Swede. I’ll be online tonight, anytime between now and tomorrow morning. Catch me if you can!

  13. Swede Anonymous: Think Bergsala is bad? Try Concentra in Portugal. Many big shops don’t even have the game yet, and the WiFi USB adapter is nowhere to be seen. I bought the game on the 26th, but I’m yet to go online.

    Oh well, I guess I will have to wait a few days befora I can kick all your colective a***s.

  14. jacomar!!!
    we have success connecting togheter to run! do you remember?
    just I must do my excuses to you cause in that case i was using my frined’s router (a dlink DI 624+, solded only in Italy) and it always crashed after the third race
    next time ww’ll have no problem!
    ready to race?
    BTW my DGL4300 has always worked fine!

  15. Greywolf: I’m using a Linksys WAP54G Wireless accesspoint. I can play anywhere in my house, and outside also.

    Cost: about 100$.

  16. Hey Mr Haze!!

    no problem man!!! ive read about that third race crash. Here in Spain it happens with routers given by telephone company.

    I use a DLINK DWL 2000 AP with no problem at all with the default configuration..

    I always play at nite , and im from Spain so we should see each other soon heheh get reday 😛

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