Mario Basketball and More

Nintendo announced several DS games today, and Japanese magazine Famitsu has screenshots. Among the games are Mario Basketball 3 on 3, a Tingle RPG, another brain-training game, and many more interesting concepts.

Update: Even more screens are posted in the Nintendo Forum. A complete list of the newly announced DS games is available at Planet GameCube. [Thanks Rollin]

Here are two of my favortite screens from the batch:

Nintendo DS screens of Mario Basketball and an unknown game.


  1. My god, this looks sooo awesome, the more I see of these pics… Nintendo seems to have a few more aces in their decks!!

  2. it just gets better and better wooohoooooo.

  3. That Mario Basketball looks like Cube quality. I thought it was a cropped image from Mario Party. Nintendo is starting to become elite with DS graphics. If anyone’s seen that feed of the guy playing Hunters’ single player, it’s the same case. Encroaching upon Cube visuals, man. Ur blowin me away, ds.

  4. Wow. Too much to take in at once….amazing stuff….looks to be another hard blow to rivals

  5. C’mon leave the PSP out of this. It’s already an unfair fight. Don’t kick a PlayStation while it’s down.

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