Prediction: Online Gaming

Revolution will be to online console gaming what the iPod has been to the portable music industry.

That’s right. The more we read about Nintendo’s plans for online play, the more apparent it becomes. Mp3 players were around way before the iPod. Why do iPods sell so well? Because Apple nailed it. Look to Nintendo to do the same for online console gaming with easy setup and free service.

(Hold us to this one.)


  1. Yeah, but the X-Box 360 could be the next iPod too…..
    Honestly, I don’t understand all this talk about the iPod…maybe it’s because I live in Germany and know NO one that owns an iPod….heck I’ve never even seen a real iPod !
    I just hope the Rev will be a true Nintendo console and enough people buy it. I don’t think Nintendo has to be number one at anything… long as they make some money and good games I’m happy….

  2. I thought so….it’s all so diffeterent oer there 😉
    I think the price is very important over here in Europe…that’s why not a lot of people bought an iPod…

    Nintendo could really draw a lot of people to online gaming. We’ll have to see how it really works, but if they make a nice interface it could really work. But as I said the 360 has a nice online system too (I really like it besides the fee :/ )

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