Possible Revolution Patent

Revolution Report has found a patent application that seems to refer to the Revolution’s upcoming virtual console.

While the patent is mostly technical, there are a number of figures that help translate the text into layman terms. It looks like you will browse games by series. One figure even implies that you may be able to select characters who were not available in the original game, or it could simply mean that you can browse games by character.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. What Revolution Report didn’t point out: this patent was filed in 2001, and has a picture of a Gamecube as the console.

  2. It can still be for Revolution. Nintendo thunk this up a while ago and the GameCube pic was likely a placeholder for the as-of-yet undesigned Revolution. Like the hard drive patent that was granted to them somewhere around 2001 and showed an N64.

  3. Looking at that Nintendian Guild post, i’m sure it’s a placeholder. The console shown is some weird, mutant love child of the N64 and GameCube. Whether it was meant for Cube or Revolution, who knows. But chances are it was planned for Cube and later stashed for Rev.

  4. Except that it shows an N64 controller as the controller.

    Weirdest patent ever. I highly doubt that something filed in 2001 actually pertains to the Revolution.

  5. think about it. Nintendo said they were updating some of their old games. If you are upgrading the graphics why not add new characters? Imagine Yoshi in super mario bros. Also It does need some kind of browsing if you’re going to buy many games. At least I need box art for each game.

  6. I know I shouldn’t be linking another site but this might be very helpful to others.


    Points out some important pointed in the patent.

  7. That link is already in our post.

  8. I think its just a browsing interface to sort and download past games from NES, SNES, N64.

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