Possible New Revolution Game

Kotaku has received an earlier email today from an anonymous sender containing info on a supposed new Revolution game. Rather than plot descriptions or vague screenshots, the email for “Sunder: Land of Divide” had the logo shown above and some thorough desciptions of the game’s weapons, with pictures. It looks to be a shooter of some kind; the weapons shown have an abstract design, a futuristic look indicating a futuristic setting. Follow the link for pics of the weapons. More scans coming tomorrow.

My take? Elaborate hoax.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. In a Video Game Charicter Development class I had a while back i did similar mock ups for my final. I used Maya and Photoshop and even made some levels in Unreal Ed. I’m guessing this could be someones final project for the winter semester and they where mocking it up for Rev.

    Over achieving student most likley to me.

    I know I was

  2. probably, but wouldn’t it be cool if this game got as big as halo.

  3. probably just a ploy to get extra publicity for some game…

  4. Off topic, but isn’t it weird that most of the Google ads on the site are for the PSP?

  5. PSP gets said alot.

  6. I think it’s a ploy .. either to get their elaborate hoax posted on gaming sites, or to “audition” to gaming companies.

    Regardless, it sounds like a boring game. I’m more interested in something like, say, a cooking game (from the TGS demo vid) than another FPS.

  7. well I am excited to play FPS on rev since it has the most potiental to improve…but all i really need is Metroid.

  8. The zogdog site that is trying to debunk everyone claims this is real… so we will have to see 🙂

  9. A “leak” like this is just so unlikly, I’m gunna have ta call FAKE.

  10. As much as I’d love to believe this is real, I just don’t buy it. Especially after reading what Frisby said. That makes a lot of sense… too bad, though. It could be cool.

  11. This is so legit! just look at this post from n-sider: http://n-sider.com/articleview.php?articleid=491

    “The only other title mentioned has been rumored to be a futuristic realistic first-person shooter for the Nintendo Revolution.”

    This was written back in November, and now there is a link for a FUTURISTIC REALISTIC FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER FOR THE NINTENDO REVOLUTION!!!

    this is so legit!

  12. It’s real. 🙂

    I have spoken with one of the developers of this game several times. Though I can’t say much I will say I am 99% this is real as I known about a game being in development for a few months now. Though I am seeing it for the first time myself. I am pretty excited for this game. I like the overall artistic style for the game.

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