Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date and Latest News

Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date and Latest News

There’s been much buzz around the new Nintendo switch to be released bringing the Pokémon experience in a new light. The “all-new Pokémon RPG” has been confirmed by Game Freak and there are much excitement and anticipation around its release expected this year.

What is the Pokémon Nintendo Switch?

Post E3 conference, the information that has surfaced regarding the Pokémon Nintendo Switch refers to it as a brand-new RPG which has been designed by innovative designers. Though there is confirmation on the game being in the process of development, there is not much information regarding its release date, trailer, features or specifications. This could mean that it could take probably take more time than expected to lay your hands on the game. Gaming enthusiasts across all platforms including online mobile casino, and other online gaming sites are waiting to see the unique characteristics of the latest tech perhaps at its probable trailer in 2018 E3.

Things to look out for on the Pokémon Nintendo Switch

While there is much expected, there are a few things that can be listed here:

Visuals: The Pokémon Nintendo Switch has set its benchmark with games like Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many more. These games have reportedly marked high standards in the realm of portable gaming. With the new switch, this franchise known for its predominantly convenient devices will add on to the home consoles’ quality. It is not unknown how the Sun and Moon’s art design triumphed on the 3DS’s hardware, despite issues around its lack of 3D support. Though some of the issues may remain unresolved in the Pokémon Nintendo Switch, the market expects much improvement in terms of graphics and animations over the previous switch versions.

Characters: Another expectation from the switch is to have more expressive characters than most of its contemporaries. While the present character may appeal more to kids, adding more body to the figurines with enhanced expressive animations would relay more meaning beyond its immediate innocent façade.

Including the Amiibo Support: While this was missing in its ‘Sun and Moon’, you would expect the Nintendo Switch to support the characters through the appropriate controllers so that it can offer some rewarding digital bonuses. Digital bonuses could make it as appealing as the big prize money on offer.

Variants to the game: By improvising on the established entertainment formula, a novel niche could be generated to enable the series ahead. More interactive interface, regional variants, multiplayer games befitting the needs of the local players, would all contribute to an innovative spin on the classic game players have already grown accustomed to.

Game Freak and the Pokémon Company had earlier mentioned that they were waiting to track the performance of the Nintendo Switch to understand how well it would work on the Pokémon series. However, the time has arrived for the companies to commit a core game to the console. With the rumours doing rounds, the game could be released under the name of “Pokémon Stars”. A comment from Nintendo is yet to come on this.