Pokemon Diamond/Pearl details — Wi-Fi and cuteness a plenty

Aww. Look at that little fella. So cute, and yet so capable of destroying the lives of countless millions of DS Lite owners through hours and hours of Pokemon addiction.

If you hadn’t heard already, this little guy is Pocchama, one of the new starters in the upcoming Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for the DS. When Pocchama isn’t kicking butt and taking names as an adorable anime penguin, he’s also the water-type starter, to be joined by Hikozaru and Naetoru, the flame-based and grass-based starters in this latest installment, which will feature some very appealing Wi-fi features. While there’s no news yet on the infamous ‘friend codes’ in this round, there is this:

  • co-operative play area Actions possible may include fossil hunting, co-op puzzles and searching for items/Pokemon together
  • There is a Wi-Fi game known as ‘Flag Retrieval’ where you must steal everybody’s flags from their bases to win.
  • The Battle Tower will return for Wi-Fi (and presumably wireless) play.
  • Pokemon can be traded with anybody all over the world via an area known as the Global Trade Station

If Pokemon’s your thing, this sounds like gold. Even if it’s not, you have to admit that this franchise is yet another license for Nintendo to print money.

[Thanks, Liam]