Pok̩mon destroy America Рsell 1 million copies in 5 days


Apparently, the Pokémon franchise isn’t fading out:

Within just five days of availability, more than 1 million copies of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl for the portable Nintendo DS have sold in the United States since Sunday’s launch.

That’s roughly 500,000 copies of two different games, but that’s just in America! The games have been out in Japan since September and they have sold over five million copies there. With Pokémon Battle Revolution tying these titles into the Wii, the Pokémon cash cow has plenty of milk left in her.

Will the increased popularity bring the franchise back into American popular culture? Will we see Pokémon movies back in theaters for the first time in four years?


  1. I bought Diamond…


    Man… I remember when I went and saw the first pokemon movie in IMAX. It amazed me…

  3. anything like movies in theaters, I highly doubt. The one thing about the games is that, they’re good RPGs, and good games, while many (mostly little kids) buy or have their parents buy the game because its a new Pokemon, me and my friends that have it wanted it because it’s one of the best RPGs out there, not just for a handheld, but for any console, and thats a good contribution to the game sales, but Pokemon itself I dont think will come back as a big pop culture thing in America.

  4. The DS version is the best version that has come out so far, so whoever liked the previous games, will love the new one. If you add to that equation all the new players, you can see why this is the most successful version in the franchise!

    When there is an effort in making a product better, can that be considered “milking” it?

  5. To clarify, I didn’t mean to say they were “milking it”, just that the franchise definitely has a lot of life left in it.

  6. J/K, David!

    The “milking” reference was entirely mine…

    Pokémon IS a cash cow for Nintendo!

  7. Now think about this…

    Imagine the cash they’ll get if they did make a P2P MMO version with the works. It’ll be mind-boggling, and the best part…a lot of people are hoping it’ll come true.

  8. Please, no Pokemon movies. The game isn’t half bad, really addicting. I’d advise those who weren’t into Pokemon before to try this iteration of the game.

  9. Believe it or not, Poke’mon has a crazy competitive scene.

  10. No kiddin’!

    Only thirteen hours into the game, and I already got 2 badges, and all the Pokémon in my party are at least level 22!

    I can’t wait to go online now!!

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