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Nintendo has announced that it will use a password controlled system to enable adults to limit what games can be played on the Revolution. The limits will be based on the game’s rating: E (Everyone), E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older), T (Teen) or M (Mature).

From the press release, “How does it work? The actual game software will contain a code indicating the rating, which will activate the control system to remain locked or unlocked. The feature will be included in every Revolution console worldwide.”

Will this finally end the violent games debate?



  1. then parents have no excuse… no more pointing the finger!

  2. When people want to argue they will argue anyways. Now they will argue about who rates the games and who knows what else.

  3. I was wondering if Nintendo would support a parental control system. This is good news because it means all 3 console’s will have parental control system. Parents can be informed about the system and how to set it up.

    The parental control system is not going to stop me from being a responsible parent but it is a nice back up for me if my 2 boys try hide something from me.

    I wanted this for Revolution because I know I’ll be buying games for myself that I don’t want my kids to be playing. I’ll still lock up my games in a cabinet. Also any games I buy for them I do test before I let them play because the ratings are not perfect. They are more of a guide. I also do not play any games in front of them that I would think is appropriate for them to play.

  4. The only problem now is if the parents use a rubbish password like the date of birth of their child! lol

    I wonder when we can get the exact details, as we have the consider both the possible situations of when the parent forgets the password and if they give it to someone else without telling them about the password.

  5. Just use something like a song the kids don’t know^^

  6. My favorite password to use to lock the computer for my kids is L00K4ITKIDS.
    Easy to remember and alfa/numeric. The 00 in LOOK are zero’s 🙂

  7. Maybe a sign that we can expect more adult games?

  8. Of course we can expect more adult games.

    It won’t end the violent games debate, but will exclude Nintendo from them. Like when they removed blood from Mortal Kombat– it’s damage control.

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