Out of stock for new DS

Taken from a Joystiq comment regarding the PSP outselling the shortaged DS this past week in Japan: “DS is outselling the PSP 2 to 1, nintendo are rumoured to be releasing a new version of the DS on the 17th, hence no stock of the old version.”

Never thought of that. Everybody’s got inventory problems, especially when phasing in a new product, i.e. redesigned DS.


  1. I still think it is way to early for a re-design.

  2. Same here. Not to mention that we normally hear about re-designs, you know, about a half-year in advance. They don’t just pop out of nowhere…consumers need time to save up their monies. 🙁 This whole redesign thing just sounds like a big ol’ rumor.

  3. So had Nintendo announced a redesigned Ds coming in half a year, would people still buy enough old DS for it to be sold out? mmmm, weird marketing…

    The PSP is selling because there are no more DS to buy. Period. A los of people become desperate when they don’t find what they were looking for so instead choose the next thing like it. The redesign is just great timing since they are probably aiming for a more conservative design so people from all ages find it appealing not just younger gamers. Look at the Ipod. Had it stayed the same since 5 years ago would it own the 80% of the market?

  4. Given the apology letter that Nintendo published I don’t think they’re going to release a new DS- If they were going to release a new DS I don’t think they’d be worrying about new ways to ship the original DS faster.

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