New Video Games Exhibition Brings Back Old School Fun

20130307-Ontario-Science-Centre-Game-On-2-point-0-255-Photo_by_Corbin_Smith-640x427If you happen to be in the Toronto area between now and September 2, a new retro  video games exhibition is opening up this weekend. In the Game On 2.0  exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre,has over 150 playable games ranging from Pong to Goldeneye to Super Smash Bros. With all these old school games in one place, I’m sure it’ll remind many of us of the countless caffeinated drinks and quarters that were used back in the day when arcades flourished. This is something that I think should be emulated (no pun intended) in more education centres as either a featured temporary or permanent exhibit.

Markus Lai can be usually be found either a screen playing video games or a camera when not stuck in class or work. In his spare time, he writes for and