Online or On the Table: Which Casino is Best for You?

Online or On the Table: Which Casino is Best for You?

It’s a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario has just been paid (would he get paid for anything? I mean, he can literally put a block on his head and have coins fly out); the question now is this: what to do with all this money? Feeling a burning urge in his pocket, not from a fireball but from all his cash, Mario decides it’s-a time to put some money down on some fun games of Poker,which we know exists because Luigi is a card dealer, but the new question is where to gamble! Does Mario want the ease and accessibility of online gambling, or does he want the atmosphere and adrenaline of being at the casino?

Let’s break it down like this: Mario could go and gather up all his friends, get some money and make a night out on the town with them. The glitz and glamour of the lights all around make for a euphoric backdrop to what will end up being a long night of fun – you know you’re going to have all the games you want to play: poker, roulette, slots, baccarat and the rest. You know that with a real-life casino you’re going to find time flying by as you sip on a concoction of cocktails (martinis for Peach and fireball whiskey for Bowser, while Yoshi enjoys a simple bay breeze) and finding at least ten different versions of the same game with different faces on them.

With this comes the downsides that you will lose track of time, there’s always the chance that Wario will walk in and make the experience uncomfortable (and maybe smelly) and chances are, the drinks may cost more than you’ll win in a night. But that’s the allure of the casino! The whole world could swing your way and you could walk away with wealth unchecked, or more cobwebs inside your wallet.

Or, Mario could stay home, relax on his favorite chair (which I imagine is a Mushroom-shaped recliner with a sprouting mushroom as a footrest), and go somewhere like Roxy Palace Casino where every game you could think of is there, even some digital gambling games that don’t exist in real life.
There’s no hassle, you can even play while you sit and drink beer with your buddies (Pabst Blue Ribbon for Mario, Heineken for Luigi) while watching football (I hear the Charging Chucks won last week). It’s easy to rack in the winnings and simple to cash out, you don’t need to spend time in a designated gambling hall, and you can freely do something else while you play!

Of course, some issues with online gambling is that it’s digital – make sure you play on a website you trust. Don’t let the convenience of playing cards on the computer turn you into a ghost, either. Nobody likes to hang out with a Boo! As with all vices, it’s up to you to make that balance. But here in the Mushroom Kingdom, you can play however you want!

Got a favorite casino game? What about making a Mario casino game? Start a discussion in the comments! (And call 1-800-GAMBLER if you start to develop an addiction)