One To Watch: Chasing Aurora


A new trailer just surfaced for the indie Wii U launch title, Chasing Aurora. It’s by Austrian developer Broken Rules,  and is the result of a bigger team and a lot more time than the university project that was, ‘And Yet It Moves’, a WiiWare title which lacked in substance, despite having a solid riff on a good idea.

It’s a game about “the dynamics of flight” set in a crisp, origami-esque world where you play a member of ‘the bird tribe’, a race of men dressed as birds, who can fly. Sounds cool right? It’s your job to control the bird’s angle and wings, using the wind to your advantage and avoiding dynamic obstacles such as lightening and rocks.

The new mode is a multilayer one called ‘Hide and Seek’, and involves one gamepad wielding player trying to hide in the level as a ‘golden bird’, while the others frantically try to find him before the time is up.


I think you’ll agree it’s shaping up beautifully. You can find out more at the game’s site here, and it should be ready for the North American launch.

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