Official Revolution Tidbits

Eurogamer recently had the chance to speak with the man of the hour, Jim Merrick, on several subjects. These are the most notable parts:

  • While suspected, Revolution is not the final name, the company is still throwing other names around.
  • Kojima is indeed working on Revolution.
  • We can expect many playable games at E3, including ones that use the remote, nunchuk, or the shell add-on. It’s up to the developers.
  • Nintendo games certainly won’t be shown before 2006 as Merrick pointed out before, but it’s up to third parties when they want to show theirs. No timeframe was given.
  • The virtual console games will be very cheap and the “usual suspects” of third parties are already signed up.
  • The 512MB of Revolution’s flash memory is expandble.
  • Full (probably small) new games, demos that last 30 days then expire, and game music/trailers will all be downloadable through the WFC.
  • Europe won’t be very far behind in getting Revolution, Japan might not get it first.

Then there’s the Mark Rein comeback, as well as some DS tidbits.

[Source: Eurogamer]