Official Revolution Tidbits

Eurogamer recently had the chance to speak with the man of the hour, Jim Merrick, on several subjects. These are the most notable parts:

  • While suspected, Revolution is not the final name, the company is still throwing other names around.
  • Kojima is indeed working on Revolution.
  • We can expect many playable games at E3, including ones that use the remote, nunchuk, or the shell add-on. It’s up to the developers.
  • Nintendo games certainly won’t be shown before 2006 as Merrick pointed out before, but it’s up to third parties when they want to show theirs. No timeframe was given.
  • The virtual console games will be very cheap and the “usual suspects” of third parties are already signed up.
  • The 512MB of Revolution’s flash memory is expandble.
  • Full (probably small) new games, demos that last 30 days then expire, and game music/trailers will all be downloadable through the WFC.
  • Europe won’t be very far behind in getting Revolution, Japan might not get it first.

Then there’s the Mark Rein comeback, as well as some DS tidbits.

[Source: Eurogamer]


  1. “virtual console games” Is that the downloadable NES, SNES and N64 games?

  2. I’m really excited about the virtual console, but the main reason is how I will play the new games…I don’t care about having graphical upgrades of ol’ titles, just I want some old games that are “must have”

  3. great to hear VC games will be cheap… THUMPS UP ON THAT!

  4. “usual suspects” of third parties are already signed up.

    i waiting for announces like Sega Virtual Console inside.

  5. Anyone know what any of the “DS tidbits” are? I assume some sort of connectivity with the Revolution. Somebody have links to info on this?

  6. Yea dude. It’s in the source link.

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