NPD: DS sells nearly double everything else; PS2 outsells Wii

NPD just released the below hardware numbers for US sales (in units) during the month of March:

  1. DS – 508,000
  2. PS2 – 280,000
  3. Wii – 259,000 (Was expected to be 400k)
  4. 360 – 199,000
  5. PSP – 180-000
  6. GBA – 148,000
  7. PS3 – 130,000
  8. GCN – 22,000

Industry sales were up 33% over last year with God of War 2 as the top selling game for the month. Regarding the DS, here’s what NPD says: “Even with the roll that Nintendo has been on with both the DS and the Wii, the DS hardware sales figures are truly impressive,” said Frazier. “Heading into April with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, there is no signs of it slowing down. Even though this will be the first full year of the ‘next-gen’ console cycle, the DS continues to make headlines.”