Now your publishing with power: lists itself for public sale

It’s me not you.

After 6½ fun years, I’ve decided to sell Infendo.

The site was never meant to become as popular, credentialed, or listed for sale, but it did. In the process, it also attracted some of the most mature readers of any gaming site I’ve ever encountered ’ fansite or otherwise ’ something I’m proud of.

The reason I’m selling: I’m writing a book and my family is growing (again). Something had to give. It was either Infendo, the dream of penning a book, or one of my kids. I chose Infendo.

Over the next 60 days, I will consider all written offers above the price of a compact car (the low-end of a previous private equity evaluation). I’m currently in opening talks with a handful of suitors and interested in courting more.

If you or someone you know is interested and has the resources to make a deal happen, please email I hope to accept the highest bid by January. To help spread the word, I’m offering a 10% finder’s fee to any successful intermediary at signing.

In the meantime, the show goes on as normal. The site will be updated as regularly scheduled. David, Eugene, Derek, Richard, Holly, myself, and even the estranged Jack are looking forward to an exciting holiday of gaming discussion.

On a personal note, thank you for reading. It’s been a pleasure serving as your personal geek curator over the years. I look forward to joining you soon as a sideline observer, instead of publisher.