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Beyond Good & Evil (Ubisoft)

This is a very good game and one I overlooked. Released in November of 2003, I found it while searching Amazon recommendations. It was posted on the Wind Waker page as a similar game.

The game has excellent voice acting and superb music. It has some really unique gameplay while retaining traditional power ups and item functionality. That together makes for a very workable game. I’ll be posting a review as soon as I’m done so stay tuned.

If you’ve played it, feel free to comment your hearts out.


  1. This game is really great! It makes a lot of fun to play it 😀

  2. best game ev4r

  3. A bit to short, but a great game never the less. To bad it came out at the same time as Prince of Persia from the same production house. It’s stole it’s thunder.

  4. That game is AMAZING. I played it on the PC, but I have been searching for the GC version locally. I think I may have to use Amazone for the purchase as NOBODY around here has it anymore.

    I so hope they make a sequel as everything in the game from Graphics to Voice-Acting was stunningly done.

  5. The game is great, and has style out the butt, but… it seemed a rushed and truncated. There are tons of places you can see from your hovercraft, even whole towns, that you can’t explore. That sucked.

    It’s like whole sub-quests were pulled and the story edited down. Oh well, who needs a bunch of additional fetch quests…

  6. Great game! Took me ages to find it for the cube as a limited number where imported down under (cube comes very much third here)
    If you haven’t played you missing out – a collectors Item!

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