Notes from 3DS showroom floor

Nintendo 3DS presser

“Nothing between you and the experience”

Reggie Fils-Aime
opening of a vast new world in 3d entertainment
some of the game names may be familiar, but the experience is a game changer
many believe the modern era of video games
n64, DS, Wii brought us where we are today

This is a different 3D experience (trying to distance themselves from waning 3D interest)

3D for everyone, mass-market ready

3 payoffs: games, 3D video playback, 3D photography and 3D display of those photos
“it’s inherently social, and will drive connected experience like no Nintendo device before”

aqua blue, cosmo black
backwards compatible with DS, DSi
2gb card comes with system
motion sensor and gyroscope
wireless charging station
home button, new connection lights
3D depth slider

3 cameras: inward facing, two outward facing cameras for 3d photos


Pilotwings Resort, on woohoo island

Nintendogs + Cats

Steeldiver, submarine game

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Kid Icarus: Uprising

We have representatives from 7 different publishers today

The greater the depth of gameplay, the greater the separation of foreground and background, the greater the impact on the player. Reggie.

Dead or Alive
Madden NFL
Street Fighter 4 3D Edition
Asphalt 3d, resident evil the mercenaries 3d, ridge racer 3d, lega star wars 3: the clone wars.

launch window from release (mar) to e3 (jun), more than 30 games

software that comes with the system, gamelog, pedometer system earns play coins for compatible games. mii maker uses photo capture, street pass plaza, faceraiders pre-installed game, ar games cards, video player and browser, ds sound.

no software dependent friend codes, universal once, no need to exchange a code. unclear if this is a number or alias.

digital game downloads, nintendo e-shop, gameboy, gameboy color hits, super mario land

most ambitious experiential units, more than 5000 beta testers.

$250, March 27