NOE’s Fischer: Only “geeks and otaku” have Wii storage problem

otakuquotes.jpgNo longer content with inadequacy and mediocrity, Nintendo’s absurd storage philosophies for Wii data are starting to metamorphose into something downright insulting.

A feature on WiiWare in issue 190 of UK-based Edge magazine, posted Wednesday on Next Generation, quotes Nintendo of Europe’s Laurent Fischer as saying only “geeks and otaku” are having storage problems on Wii. For the unfamiliar, “otaku” is essentially the Japanese equivalent of the English “nerd” or “geek,” more specifically aimed at obsessive fans of manga and anime.

In an apology issued earlier today to videogaming247, Fischer said, “I have huge respect for those who, like me, share a common passion for Nintendo and want to make it clear that I would never use and I didn’t use this terminology in such a context or way to cause offence.”

So apparently, Nintendo’s corporate strategy moving forward is to disparage consumers who are actively buying software and using their console to the fullest, while catering to those who bought into the fad and treat it merely as an occasional tennis partner and yoga trainer.

Brilliant, Mr. Fischer. Absolutely brilliant.