No Use for a Price…

Why do online stores do this? This has been out a while but c’mon. Who’s going to buy this thing without even seeing it’s input device? I guess wanted a little publicity so I’m a little upset I’m giving it to them.

How much do you think the Revolution will sell for?

[Submitter: Joe Davis]


  1. $199. $50 games. Maybe wishful thinking, but Nintendo is obviously the only one that would price it like that.

  2. It better not be 299. If they released the system at 299 and it had a performance that was notably below the other systems, it would be bad. Sure Ninty would be making a profit while the other two lose money, but should the public care? At the end of the day the public wants bang for their buck and why not. All three players want us to buy their systems over the competition after all.

    If Revolution turns out to be technically on-par with 360 then 299 or even a little more (but still less than the REAL 360 price of 399), then thats fine with me. If it’s not, then I’d say 199 is the sweet spot.

    250 might be acceptable, but I’d wanna see the specs.

    I think what people don’t seem to be paying enough attention to is the price of next-gen games.. If Sony/M$ take their pricing up to 69 bucks, and Nintendo is able to hold out at 49 to 59, I think many-many people will go for the Rev.

    What’s the use in owning the most powerful console on the planet if you can’t afford any games?

    Regardless, I’m gonna nab one on launch 😉


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