Launches 11/7

Nintendo WifiNintendo will officially launch their wifi site on November 7. With the launch will come information goodness in the form of how your DS will function with the wireless network, hotspots around the nation, and game questions.

Then the real fun begins November 14 when Mario Kart DS is released. Ladies and gentlemen, start you engines.

[Source: DS-X2]


  1. I can hardly wait!

  2. the 7th of November?
    very very close so….
    waiting waiting waiting….

  3. Vroom!

  4. Hey! Does anyone know if we are getting that Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector or is it being bundled with Mario Cart DS to get one?

  5. I think u have to buy it online. It’s not in the box, and probably will be in stores weeks later.

  6. And when do they plan to unleash wi-fi connection in Australia? Man, I hate getting things late.

  7. You can always import ^_^

  8. How can I import Nintendo Wi Fi Connection? it has to be set up in Australia for me to play, wouldn’t it?

  9. Oh no, man. All u need is a wireless router and the game. If you can find one of those or a hotspot, u’ll be racing online right away. Gotta love the internet!

  10. i love the internet

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