Nintendo’s September surprise

Nintendo's Wii SurpriseReggie Fils-Aime hinted at a “good” Wii surprise coming our way in September, but didn’t really say much more than that. Which is a shame, because I thought he and Blake were BFFL after E3.

What we know: It’s not the Mii popularity contest Channel, as he mentioned that in the same interview where he said there’s a surprise inbound to the Wii.

What we don’t know: Everything else.

So let’s brainstorm. The game situation was pretty much sewn up at E3, so I don’t think it will be new IP or release dates or anything like that. I also don’t believe it will be a peripheral, because those were done to death at E3 too.

What is it then? Another channel? WiiWare hitting the streets super early? Sonic makes an appearance in Smash Bros.?! What is it?!

Oh, I know, I’ll let you guys decide in the comments. Have fun and make sure you stretch.