Nintendogs for $14.99?

[Update: Looks like this was a typo on Target’s part. We’re still buying though]

Target is selling Nintendogs – Chihuahua for $14.99 on their Amazon site. No word if they will offer the same price in stores though. I’ll still spend the extra $15 bones for the Lab edition if that’s the case.

[Source: Punch Jump]


  1. The nintendogs helped the DS two times better when it came out in Japan. I don’t know if it will help with sales in the US.

  2. You made a typo. The DS “sold” two times better.

  3. Yeah the video game culture here isn’t as gimick crazy as Japan. Who knows, it will be interesting to see the sales though and what Nintendo’s response will be to American sales.

  4. I agree. Nintendo is making new games that are meant to target different people who have different interests such as treating people in hospitals or being a lawyer.

  5. Nintendogs has a pretty low price. It might help with sales in the US. In Japan I believe that the initial price was about $25-40

  6. If the game is really going to be that cheap, then I retract that statement about Nintendogs not being my top priority. Problem is, at that price, people will think that it’s some kind of cheapo budget title.

  7. they better not try and sel it with that lame commercial…-.-

  8. Gay commercial

  9. Nintendogs is only for people who snooze around or don’t want to walk their dog.

  10. Nintendogs is just a game that nintendo made to make money.

  11. Nintendogs is a stupid game. Why else would it cost so low?

  12. JVD, Nintendo is one of the greastest gaming companies in the world!! It has plenty of money to do stuff…

  13. that doesnt mean that they dont want more money…..

  14. well, Nintendo makes games to make money. Microsoft makes operating systems to make money. Sony makes electronics to make money. Burder King makes food to make money. AOL provides internet service to make money.
    if you don’t make money what’s the point of having a business?
    you buy things because you want/need them, you don’t buy things because you don’t want/need them.
    If Nintendogs is just a way for Nintendo to make more money, then I think this way is working pretty well.

  15. Dang, Nintendo said that they for the entertainment value instead of the money,i.e. Revolution
    Cheap Business

  16. Well.. it is a business and corporation, but I wonder if Nintendo is actually selling these game carts for so little

  17. I did hear that the ds cartridges were lowcosting and easy to produce. In e3 they gave out free Zelda trailers on the ds cartridges

  18. oy, i thinks this most likely a joke or nintendo is crazy

  19. haha, i believe this. Nintendo has finally come through with cheap games.

  20. What’s with anonymouses? He acts all wise and junk. Man, no room here for know it alls….

  21. Hey, that’s no way to treat another fellow commenter

  22. hey, Oishi’s right, anonymouses stop with it. Is it really true about the price?

  23. Please wait more than five(5) minutes before replying to yourself.

  24. i tried ordering this and it said ” Estimated ship date for this item: October 2, 2005″

    and i didnt qualify for free shipping!!!

  25. Hmm….the link now says $29.99 (which still is pretty cheap, but not THAT cheap….but Nintendo probably could sell Nintendogs at this low price because they sold enough copies in Japan 😉

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