I won’t hold my breath for this one, but it could be a nice little get away to hook up with fellow digital dog lovers. I’m still lacking the beloved Dalmation breed so this could be the trick in helping me score a new pup.

Nintendogging – The act of meeting strangers to swap Nintendogs data. You dig?

[Source: Nintendogging via Joystiq]


  1. Nice idea, but I’d rather set my DS to bark mode 😉

    BTW Nintendogs is EVIL my gf is addicted, I never thought I’d say this, but she took my DS away to play Nintendogs….I think I gotta buy myself the pink one to let her play 😉
    ‘Cause I wanna finish Advance Wars !

  2. Hey, be different. Get her the teal. Soon every girl will have pink DSs.

    It’s sorta sexist, actually, even though they like the color. Kinda like Super Princess Peach. Cept SPP is blatantly sexist.

  3. The first “girly” female Nintendo character to get her own game and it’s entirely based on mood swings. Sexist? A lil. 😛

    Nintendogs is so fucking awesome, I can’t believe it.

  4. Hehe actually I want a pink DS…yeah it’s a shame, but I think it looks great 😀

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