Gets an Upgrade

Be sure to check out the new if you haven’t already done so. It features a new Revolution section that acts as a nice central repository for official Rev news.

I think I prefer the old aesthetics to these new ones though. You?

[Source: Nintendo]


  1. Wow that’s really attrocious. I’m with you, I prefer the old style.

  2. I kind of like the new style, it is definatly promoting the Revolution (nice to see a game site do that since not even IGN will try to make their own revo site yet >.<) I also like the new colours, they seem to be focusing on the revolution, which it seems safe to say will probably hit black..

  3. The style and look of the site is alright, but the navigating it from a first time visitor’s view is still a nightmare. Still too many elements scattered everywhere, could still be more simply in layout.

  4. has needed an upgrade for a while. I was hoping it would happen with the launch of the wifi 🙂

    Hopefully the new site will be updated much more frequently than the old one. I’m tired of seeing official news being posted days or weeks after the fact on

  5. If you guys want to see a joke, visit

    Just be glad what you yanks have! 😛

  6. i’m cool with the redesign. i think it’s less cluttered than the previous.


    Yeah, you heard me. Websites are about CONTENT, not flying animated sidebars. The new redesign makes it harder to find the actual information.

  8. much better, they retained some design cues from the old. Could be better, but couldn’t ALL website use some fixing?

  9. ..except for Infendo

  10. Flash was invented to piss off dialup users.

  11. hell no this ones way better. its sleeker more organized and now i am able to look at it for more than 20 min without getting bord

  12. Must agree with the last post, I bought a ds for my bro and he broke it in 3 months. Thanks to nintendo’s wonderful repair system it was fixed, but I so dreaded going to the website cause it was so confusing to me and seemed outta place for such a fine software and hardware manufactuer

  13. I’m with the anonymous guy; I hate Flash. I don’t even have it installed at work. I’ll be eager to see if this site will even load without it. The last one wouldn’t. If it does, it’s a huge improvement. Otherwise, I think the improvement is marginal.

    On another note, Nintendo is really making the Revolution name stick. I think they want to come up with something else, but they are hestiant too because of how much mindshare it already has. Having a page for it on their site is only going to make it harder to ditch the Revolution moniker. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up sticking.

  14. That’s why they made sure to say “Codename: Revolution” on the page. It’s the new Dolphin. I like the new site. I thought it was gonna be more drastic, but it’s definitely in the vein of Revolution. It’s like IGN but cleaner. The fact that they have op-ed pieces now sweetens the pot dramatically. It needed a personal touch. Felt like a customer service page before. Thumbs up.

  15. Does anyone else find this site similar to the layout and design of sony’s playstation site. It seriously looks like they had the same company create their site. Overall I like it over the old site which seemed pretty dated.

  16. It doesn’t look like they changed much. It seems like they took everything and organized it more.

    I think this is easier to navigate than the mess they previously had.

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