Nintendo World Store Selling Black DS?

N-Philes and various forums are reporting the Japanese only Black, err, Graphite DS is being sold at the Nintendo World Store Black DSin NYC. The real kicker? Mario Inc. is charging $199 for the thing. Ouch! A wink, smile, and handshake from Miyamoto himself better come standard at that price.

Maybe we can get some additional color combinations this holiday season.

[Source: N-Philes]


  1. Might as well get a Japanese one at a Mom & Pop.

  2. I always tought Nintendo would do the best of deals selling customized NintendoDS
    I particulary like the Graphite black one, infact it’ll be my second DS after the launch US unit, but i’m still tempted by the Pure White edition…
    what a pity I can’t buy from Nintendo store here in Italy…

  3. I can’t understand Nintendo’s reasoning for giving this side of the world such a limited color scheme. I’d certainly buy this one, though I feel more tempted to hold on till I can find the Mario Kart Red DS. I lets hope Nintendo pushes more colors (or does what they did with the GBA and offer store-exclusive colors).

  4. I agree with Link. I was having this conversation (complaints) last night. I have a silver but my sister and her boyfriend imported the red and the graphite grey. I might just pre-order the nintendogs bundle to get a pink DS!

    It’s too bad that Nintendo doesn’t see that we want more colors too! Most of us are paying extra to get it.

  5. Yeah, that’s something I don’t get.
    Why don’t they give us more colors ?
    They could easily do it.
    Maybe they want them for bundles only.
    They did that with the GC, at least over here I think….

  6. nintendo does see that wewant more colors, and they speacially see that ppl (specially here in america) are willing to pay for them. am thinkin of inporting the white version myself. and because they DO see it, they dont bring em all out at once. instead boosting sales with them. colors is part of japense lifestyle n ppl. if they didnt come out with a raimbowed array of colors to begin with in there it would prolly hurt their sales. and they dont have such a need to boost sales in japan becase they release a lot more games in there.

    anyway dont buy the graphite is its 199.99, for about 170, u can get whatever color u want at (import at 149, pay 20 for shippin)

  7. I highly disagree with u guys. I’ve never seen any system, Nitnendo or otherwise, offer this many colors in under a year of the console’s life. Before DS’s 1 year anniversary on the 22nd of November, there’ll be 5, maybe 6 available colors in the States. That’s impressive.

  8. two words: spray paint. problem solved. any color your local hardware store carries could easily be applied to a ds. 🙂

  9. I bought a DS from Nintendo World, I prefered to have it right away rather than have to wait for shipping.

    The DS they give you is literally a japanese DS straight off the shelves of an Akihabara electronics shop, packaging and all, complete with the pink Japan-Only DS logo.

    It even has the (JPN) designation on it.

    by the way, it only cost me 170 dollars, which is about the same as importing a DS, plus shipping and insurance, but you get to have your DS right away and i cant stand waiting for shipping

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