Nintendo Wi-Fi Screens

Straight from the DigitaLife event in NYC, Scott Rubin has Flickrized several screenshots explaining the setup process for Nintendo’s wi-fi network.

[Source: Flickr]


  1. We have to connect an ugly stick (USB) to our DS 0_0

    sorry if i got it wrong it’s just i’m really afraid that i got my facts wrong and i really do have to connect a USB (ugly stick) to my DS like my friend says


  2. yeah, i think your friend is wrong. what the USB thing is, is the dongle thing that connets to your computer through a USB port.

    i cannot wait for Mario Kart DS.

  3. Wow, what a horrible lying friend u have.

    I just got back from Digital Life about an hour ago. It wasn’t great, but there was definitely fun to be had. I have pics, too.

  4. Consequently, the pics of the USB dongle that I’ve seen aren’t DS branded. In fact, neither were in of the releases that Nintendo put out. I think they intend for it to serve the same purpose for the Revolution.

  5. that is nice that you can save 3 different connections on there. And they also have an easy button on there, preconfigured for the USB adapters you can buy for your pc, nice.

  6. That’s what Nintendo gets for trying to make it easy(and cheap) for people to play online via wi-fi, people start talking out of there butt that you NEED the USB adapter to go online..what worst is many are thinking that you need to hook it up to the DS itself.

    Most of these people who are giving this “information” own a PSP, so when they hear this, they take it as truth and spred it around even more.

    Makes you think that Nintendo should do “a Sony” and give no options and force many to buy a $60+ adapter so they can play online wirelessly in there homes.

  7. 30 pounds is about $50 US, so I’m worried that we WILL end up paying that much if we don’t have wireless in our homes already. I’m at a college campus where wireless routers are not allowed, and the school’s internet connection is regulated by MAC address. I’m worried that this will severely limit my WiFi ability

  8. Wow, that looks really nice.
    You have lots of options, but still it seems to be easy…
    Those three presets are a great idea and that you can transfer them to another DS is even better..

  9. Whew…. so my friend was wrong after all =D Now I can tuant him, but i’m not a mean person so i won’t tuant him that much. Thanks alot guys i owe you.

    I just signed up =D

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  11. I thinks the sale started yesterday; Saturday October 16.

  12. WTF !?! $12 US !?! That is like 10€ !!
    Tell me that’s not true !
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  13. Babble, Thanks for the tip! I just grabbed a couple games. There are more available than what you listed too. go here

  14. Sturek – Yes is true!

    Fuzz – You’re welcome, and yes, I know. I only listed the ones I found and bought at my Toys R Us, the list can change from store to store, and if you go on the online store also.

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