Datel Delivers: Truly “Classic” Controllers

The Virtual Console just begs to be played with controllers from a simpler time, and gamers have responded by buying retro-ports for their old NES controllers or seeking out rare SNES Classic Controllers from Japan – but no more!  Datel’s latest addition to the wide world of classic gaming, the Retro Classic Controller, brings you the best of both worlds. Designed in shape and color scheme after classic NES/Famicom pads and adopting the button layout of the SNES era, the “Retro” appears to be a great companion for your VC library – a retro Classic Controller that plugs directly into the Wii Remote rather than the gamecube ports.   It’s a product a lot of Wii owners have been waiting for, and it’s not even Datel’s first home-run in Wii Controller design.  Last year they created a fully-wireless classic controller almost identical in design to the official controller – and that’s fully wireless as in NO Wii-Remote needed, it connects directly to the Wii. Not even the Nyko Wing can boast that kind of freedom.  So why hasn’t Nintendo jumped on the no-brainer of a fully wireless classic or retro themed controllers?  Who cares? At least we’ve got Datel to pick up the slack!

Datel’s Retro Classic Controller can be found for just under $20 at CodeJunkies.