Nintendo: What you saw at E3 was our holiday lineup

Ruh roh. Let the flaming begin. In the same Wired interview we posted earlier today, Nintendo’s outspoken Cammie Dunaway confirmed that what you saw at E3 (keynote and the other three days, mind you) was what you’re going to get from them this holiday season. Have we seen the extent, now, of Nintendo’s 2008 holiday lineup?

Dunaway: You have seen the extent of Nintendo’s 2008 holiday lineup. Also items that we didn’t talk about yesterday, like Wario Land: Shake It. Which is a great franchise for the core. It’s Wario in all his gross wonderfulness, shaking the Wii remote, and that’s going to be tons of fun.

Like I’ve said before, we detailed a lot of good IP (and bad) showcased at E3. For you Kid Icarus holdouts, however, this must be sobering news indeed. That’s Nintendo, though. They won’t reveal anything that isn’t 100% ready (a point which Dunaway brings up in the interview, actually). So we’ve seen the lineup. What game (that’s been confirmed in development) would have made your day? [Thanks, El Hajjish!]