Nintendo takes over southern California family with Wii party

I am insanely jealous right now.

Southern California resident Tracey Clark, a photographer, blogger and mother of two, was selected by Nintendo as one of the first Wii Ambassadors, and had her Wii Party on Sept. 17. The proof is in our post below, as well as in her blog entry that readers have linked to in the comments section. Her comments, however, were so cool that I decided to post.

“So,we had the party yesterday and if you can imagine, there were 4 amazing TV’s set up, with 4 Wii Gaming Systems (under lock and key, I might add)throughout our house. It was pretty impressive, I must say. And I’m one mom who is not easily impressed with these kinds of things”

And the perks of being selected by Nintendo:

Free shirts, enough food from our favorite Mexican Restaurant to feed a small country (did I mention beer and wine?), the ability to really impress our friends, Family bonding, Getting witness people getting their ‘game on,’ letting our daughter and her friends go nuts (who now think blogging is the portal to all things good), our thank you gifts (Can you say DS lites & games? I’ll bet your kids can!), playing games that no one else has played yet, “neener, neener, neener!” (as my Uncle put it), to have a phenomenal group of strangers come in, set up a full-blown, all expenses paid, totally amazing party at our house and then CLEAN it all up for us.

Ms. Clark, if you weren’t married … but anyway, this is incredible, and shows how serious Nintendo is about taking over EVERY aspect of gaming. Kid and adult alike, completely won over by the Wii. And you know what these people are going to do all day today in sunny SoCal? They’re going to tell all their friends about this little white box that the Clark family had set up, and how fun it was. Then they’re going to ask about the price, and then they’re going to get it for their kids (and themselves) for the holidays. Or for Thanksgiving. Or just because it’s Sunday.

No? Don’t think so? I’ll let Ms. Clark close out the post for me: “So, to put it simply, Nintendo won me over. And I think I can say the same for the 35 other people that we’re here. I’ll betcha half of them have already pre-ordered their Wii Systems (which won’t be available to the public until Nov. 19th). Which is I’m sure what this party set out to do. And if that is the case, mission accomplished guys. Wii now love Nintendo. And for the record, you are welcome in my home anytime!”