Nintendo T-Shirts

Here’s a shout out for all those cool Nintendo t-shirts. I know they’re out there. What cool Nintendo t-shirt do you love to sport, and where did you get it from?


  1. what timing- i was thinking of buying a nintendo shirt…

    i wish i had a “touching is good shirt”

    and i plan on buying the “play with me” shirt that sports the NES controller.

  2. What the crap! Thats my shirt, and I sport it on every occasion I get. Oh well, I got mine at Kohls for like 10$ sweet eh?

  3. I have the :Classically Trained: one, and one that says “Nintendo Rehabilitation Clinic” as well. Plus my PacMan ghosts one, can’t forget that one!

    Nintendo shirts FTW!

    (Yes I’m aware Pac is Namco but had to throw it in there…)

  4. I bought the Zelda one from someone on the marketplace, think I might’ve paid less actually. I also bought the Nintendo Rehab shirt at Target awhile back. I’ve seen the Classically trained one all over campus and a friend said you can get them at Target.

  5. I got a Mario one from Kohls.

    It says on it:

    How to score a Princess

    One by one in a row of three

    Picture one:
    Mario collecting coins – “Bling Bling”

    Picture two:
    Mario riding a turtle – “Cool Ride”

    Picture three:
    Raccon Mario – “Power Up”

    Below this is the Nintendo logo.

  6. I’ve got that Pac-Man ghost shirt .. and still wonder where Pinky is.

    I’d like to get the Zelda sleep pants I saw at Kohl’s.

    Had an idea for a tie/tie-tack: tie has pattern made from thousands of little “crayon swirls” from Chibi-Robo with a small metal Chibi tie-tack holding a wee toothbrush.

  7. I have the “1up” shirt with the life mushroom
    Another one with Mario grabbing a star
    The “You know you’re addicted to Zelda when:” shirt
    And a “Player” cap

    (Plus a collection of Pins including the “Official nintendo game tester” one)

  8. I have a black shirt with the original Zelda Cart and it says pure gold under it. Me and my wife only wear that the day of or after one of us beats a Zelda game.

    I wear a green zelda shirt with the logo from the original title screen in yellow. I wear it prolly once a week.

    I got them both at Hot Topic.

    My wife wears a black shirt that says Nintendo Gamecube and has a logo on the left. We got that from Nintendo for subscribing to NP. Damn Nintendo rocks

  9. 1- Nintendo Rehabilitation Clinic
    2- Miyamoto (Che Guevara parody)
    3- It’s On Like Donkey Kong
    4- 1UP Mushroom (Boxer Shorts)

  10. I got a black shirt with an onyx-black colored Nintendo logo across the chest. At certain angles you can’t see it. Now it’s faded though, so F me.

  11. i just found and am now wearing my white KNOW YOUR ROOTS shit with the big ass nes paddle…hehe ok controller.

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