Nintendo Profits Tumble

Nintendo’s second quarter profits have fallen from 22 billion a year ago to 14 billion yen. Takashi Oya, an industry analyst, said “It just shows that the market is finished with current-generation models.” While the DS is doing well, it’s not picking up the slack from lowered GameCube and GBA sales.

You gotta believe Ninny is pushing for this little fella (pictured) to pick up some slack till the Rev drops.

[Source: BBC]


  1. As that analyst in the BBC report says the market is “volatile” and heavily dependent on “seasonal” sales and…that is one slick handheld.

  2. /off topic

    Now my blood is really boiling. Apparently some self-proclaimed expert from, ahem, Stuff magazine says of the DS:

    “It’s essentially an updated version of the Gameboy”

    What a complete t@sser!!

    Watch the video here (scroll down):

  3. Plus in the video above this guy, who the BBC give publicity to like he’s some self-proclaimed expert, says: “ultimately, the PSP, in my view, is going to be the winner”.
    And what’s his argument or evidence for such an assertion? He has none. In other words, its the handheld HE would like it to win.


  4. I love those “experts”….
    man I can get sooo angry at them.
    They are ignorant, stupid and don’t even research enough….
    There is a TV show here called “Frontal” and they….ahhh no I don’t wann bug you with it….but it’s bad.

    Anyway, on topic:
    I think that it doesn’t really matter….they still make profit !
    Look at Sony, they are the ones to be worried about….and I really am, as much as I dislike Sony, lack of competition isn’t good at all 😉

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