Nintendo Switch vs Wii U: What’s the difference?

Nintendo Switch vs Wii U: What’s the difference?

The gaming industry has developed excessively over the decade and many new gaming devices and consoles have been developed by numerous gaming developers. Nintendo is one such developer that is behind the development of some of the most famous and the crowds favourite gaming consoles. Two of the major and the most advanced gaming consoles developed so far are the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. Both of them use superior technology and can be used to play all kinds of video games, online casino games, and online bingo games. The experience of playing online bingo games on these consoles is incomparable. However, the people who do not know much about both these gaming consoles get a little confused while choosing. Each of these has their own specialities and differences.

Here are the major differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U gaming consoles that you must be aware of:

Differences in Features

Both the gaming consoles have similar features when it comes to the screen and the outlook. However, the Wii U is more like a game controller that can be used as a device to control the games running on the television. However, the Switch gets attached to the tablet or any touchscreen devices. Hence the Switch can be taken anywhere and is very portable when compared to Wii U console.

The Screen while Playing Games

The screen of both Nintendo Switch and the Wii U gamepad are equal i.e. 6.2 inches and are perfect to play the online Bingo games. The experience of accessing Bingo sites like Sailor Bingo and playing online Bingo games is much better on the Switch. The reason for this is that Switch has an LCD screen and can run games at 60fps whereas the Wii U has an 854×480 resolution with a plastic touchscreen.

Variety of Games Offered

The Wii U is obviously an older gaming console and has a lot more games than the Switch. So if you are looking for a lot of games that a console is compatible with is Wii U wins hands down. However, the company will launch new games for the Switch in the coming times. Both the consoles can access the Nintendo online shop to purchase new games.

How Have the Users Responded? 

There have been a lot of changes in the Switch in comparison to Wii U like people can connect the device to their social media accounts. There might also be an online gaming subscription service given to the users soon. However, the Switch cannot do is because the device is unable to use any media streaming apps like the Wii U. The basic options in both the devices, however, are similar.

The Price and the Availability

The Switch console costs around £279.99 pounds which is quite affordable. However, the premium edition of Wii U costs around £300. The basic version of Wii U is same as the Nintendo Switch. The premium version, however, comes with extra games. Furthermore, both the gaming consoles are easily available on the Nintendo website. The shipping time and charges, however, varies from every country.

After looking at these differences you can easily make out what gaming console suits your requirements the best for playing online Bingo games at top bingo sites such as Sailor Bingo. Both these consoles have their own advantages and might be suitable to some and not to the others. Make sure you check the pricing also before buying any one of these consoles.