Nintendo Still Working On Unified Accounts


I have heard good and bad surrounding the upcoming 2DS, and I am on the side that has good to say.  For one, it is inexpensive (as far as handhelds go) and I know many people that cannot use the 3D functionality due to it causing headaches (I am one of them at times).  A 2D option, without the 3D fluff that they will never use, and is less expensive, is a great idea.  The only issue I have about the new console is that it will not have a unified account with your current DS, 3DS, Wii U, etc…  Even Playstation allows you to use the same PSN gamertag on the Vita and the PS3.  So,  Scott Moffit was asked about the issue:

Q: As someone who’s made a pretty significant investment in digital purchases for 3DS, I feel there may be some games that work better on 2DS than on 3DS — Virtual Console, for instance. But the 3DS games that have 3D functionality, I’d rather keep them on the 3DS. It’s not really possible to do that…

Scott Moffitt: It’s not tied to an account. Yeah. We haven’t solved that yet.

Q: Are you working on solving it? It sounds like, to date, Nintendo has been pretty content to keep things as they are.

Scott Moffitt: If you look at the account system, the network ID system that exists now on Wii U, that’s an effort for us to move beyond a device-centric approach to an account-centric approach. But we haven’t done it on the handheld side of the business at this point. We hear that feedback. We hear that criticism, or whatever you want to call it, from time to time. We’re not blind to it. But it’s not something we’ve solved.

What are your thoughts on Moffit’s explanation?  Should this be an easy fix?  Is it important to you?

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