Nintendo Spotting (Corporate Edition)

Taken from Boeing’s new Dreamliner photo gallery. At least get this kid an SP or something. It’s 2006.

Thanks, Ryan.


  1. “At least get this kid an SP or something. It’s 2006.”

    Yes, give a small kid an expensive electronic. That’s a real intelligent thing to do. If it were me, that kid would have to make due with a GameBoy Color.

  2. No cartridge? What is this, Rumble in the Bronx?

    “Kyong! My Seat Cushion!”

  3. That kid better be happy with what he’s got. Back when I was his age, I was playin’ a Game Gear.

    Not that the Game Gear didn’t have fun games, good graphics, and a light up screen, but burning out 6 AA batteries every 2 hours?

    Kill me NOW.

  4. her mom is like: “this is your father’s gameboy, we would have wanted you to have this, too bad he died by friendly fire in Iraq”.

    or not.

  5. and the kid is like: “thanks mom. But next time take me when you go to buy video games for my birthday. How much did you spend on this? $30?? I can barely see what’s going on…”

    kids always say the darnest things…

  6. Hey, they’re both happy, I don’t see the problem.

  7. You don’t see the cart?

  8. It’s nice of the mom to hold on to her son since the new Boeing jet apparently doesn’t have seatbelts.

  9. I really want her to be my mommy

    mama mama

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