New DS Colors and Nintendogs

Nintendo will release new DS packages on October 24. In addition to the new “pearl pink” and teal colors, the combo will come with a new Nintendogs variant. Dubbed “Best Friends” edition, the game comes packaged with the top 6 breeds of the current three US versions.

As always, if you want these colors or the new Nintendogs edition, you can only buy it in the bundle for $150 smackers. [Thanks FireEmblem54]

[Source: GameSpot]


  1. come on nintendo, you go from kiddy to girly?

  2. ‘Best Friends’ version? With dog-paws? Oh Nintendo.

    Ah well. I’m sure it’ll cater to some sort of market. Maybe.

  3. All I can say is, it’s about time Ninty! The pink DS should have been available from the start.

  4. We still have only one color :/
    Does anyone know the difference between the standard Nintendogs and Best Friends ? I just hope it’s not some demo-like rip-off….

  5. sturek – it has the 6 top breeds from the US versions

  6. The pink DS has got to be the best looking one. It will most definitly catch the eye of anyone who passing through it. like moths attracted to burning light 😉

    I’m a boy and I would gladly switch my DS for the pink one, if it wasn’t for sexual descrimination

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