Nintendo Spotting

An old Game Boy cartridge found in a landfill. Just how many Game Boy cartridges could there be in existence, and any guesses to what game it is?


  1. Pokemon Yellow Version.

    I can still see the logo, kind of. XD

  2. funny thing is that it is probably still playable. just dust it off smack it around a little bit and you are good to go.

  3. It’s like an artifact from an ancient civilization. lol


  4. Thunder –

    Yeah, but do you really want to touch it? I have no idea what that thing is covered in. Frankly, it looks like you need gloves.

  5. bet you its pkemn gold

  6. I wonder…It could be mine. I lost mine several years ago xD

  7. Its the Pikachu Edition, I believe.

  8. Ahh, the Yellow Version of Pokemon. The first influential game I ever played. If I had never gotten my hands on this charming treasure eight years ago, I wouldn’t be here now, as a full-fledged Nintendo fan (and still a Pokemon fan!)

  9. I would hate to think it’s a perfectly good working game, I simply can’t stand people polluting the environment unnecessary. If it was actually working the owner could of just sold it on or something not throw it away! >_<
    *rambles on in the background*

  10. thats cool. it is pokemon yellow.

    and also, nintendo game catridges are usually playable no matter how much damage you do to them

  11. Dude, that’s either Pokemon Yellow or Gold. Can’t really tell.

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