Nintendo Spotting

This by far is the most ambiguous Nintendo Spotting since the feature’s Infendo debut last summer. All I can say is that it’s in the clouds. So do good clouds have you thinking SMB?


  1. what is it? I don’t have kind of nintendo love to see it…

  2. its the mushroom cloud , top right corner sorta

  3. If you look at the source page, the guy who posted that picture on Flickr said that those clouds remind him of SMB. Nothing in the picture is supposed to look like a character or object of any sort.

  4. the toppest-rightest corner cloud looks exactly like a fire-ball from SMB. That’s what I see.

  5. i totally see jesus

  6. Actually its simply a picture of the heavens which is what Nintendo means! The word Nintendo does mean ‘leave luck to heaven’ or ‘leave it in heavens hands’, or ‘in the end its in heavens hands’. Nintendo = heaven. What a great name for a company, that’s why Nintendo is the best, its name, its history, the culture, the heart, soul, and passion at Nintendo that overcomes the need for money, financial gain, and profit. That is something that Sony and Xbox do NOT share with Nintendo. Nintendo makes video games for enjoyment, pleasure and love of making good products. Sony and Microsoft look to make a quick buck, “hey lets upgrade a lot and bring out new stuff all the time, and charge people and arm and a leg so we can be rich and become evil companies.

    The picture is of the heavens….Nintendo.

  7. i totally see jesus

    Made me lol

  8. I agree…
    totally looks like Jesus!!

  9. Will Jesus ever get his own game.

    And if he does..will it be considered blasphome?

  10. Actually, I’m pretty sure ‘Nintendo’ means something along the lines of:

    We do what we can, as best we can, and we await the results

    That’s from memory, so it may not be right.


  11. the lady in the bottom left of the image seems to be playing a DS

  12. I am now convinced Famicom83 is a fanperson. For shame.

  13. You remind me of someone…

  14. If you look right at the center cloud you can actually see mario’s face! His nose is the darker part of the cloud on the bottom right and you can see his eyes smack dab in the middle of the cloud.

  15. I eat, sleep, breath, shit, and live Nintendo

    Awol, no i dont think so, Nintendo means one of the phrases i said, look it up

    I think yall do way too much LSD

    hey rollin ya wanna fight about it, ill give you a cyber K.O. and stuff you back in the hole of the mother b*tch you came from


  16. You wanna do this, playa? Let’s go son. I’ll wreck ya jaw lightwork. Box you out 1D.

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