Famicom Micro Coming to States

Reggie and co. continue to amaze. Only a few months after the Japanese release, the US is receiving the Famicom themed Game Boy Micro in late December, making it the perfect last minute Christmas present. Sure, an NES Micro would be nicer for us, but rest assured- when they make it, we’ll get it first. Until then, get yourself a “FaMicro” this holiday season!
Famicom Micro
[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Only Nintendophiles will get this faceplate. Why no NES now?

  2. Someone pitch this gadget to me… Why would I play this instead of the new backlit SP? It doesn’t really look “cooler”…

  3. Twice as portable, about 4 times as slick, and customizable. Maybe the Famicro doesn’t, but the black and silver do. It also doubles as a fashion accessory if you were to hang it on ur neck or a belt loop on ur jeans. That might not matter to u, but that’s the whole point. It is so much better than an SP.

  4. Oh, and a much sharper screen. Can’t forget that. As they said, the best screen they’ve made.

  5. I perfer function over form, especially if an ounce of the latter costs as much as about seven tons of the former. The SP plays GB/GBC games, can be played without a microscope and some toothpicks, has a bigger screen, and has a clamshell design, which protects said screen from scratches. The first time I saw a Micro at the store, a small part of me was tempted to buy one, but then the bigger part smacked it’s smaller counterpart upside the head repeatedly with a clay brick until it decided to stop breathing.

  6. You don’t consider a sharper screen resolution as function? Once you play a game on a Micro and try to play it on an SP/DS, u’ll appreciate the real estate, but the picture suffers. Plus, who plays GB games anymore? Keep ur SP around if u play em THAT much, but a Micro is much more handy.

    You feel compelled to carry it everywhere cause it’s so easy to. SP can be a chore to carry in ur pocket, which is where a portable needs to be if ur taking it someplace. Clamshell designs are now for 2 screened portables only, cause faceplates protect my Micro’s screen perfectly. Yea, it can get smudges and scratches, but not as much as the SP lid. And the SP lid isn’t replaceable, plates are. Ur exaggerating, man. It’s not that bad to play the Micro. Read my review of it from last month, i give some suggestions if ur uncomfy holding it. NES and SNES styles work perfectly. Trying to hold it like a DS or SP is a mistake.

    In the end, u give up less than u gain. Portability is the biggest seller. You’ll suddenly want to play every single GBA game once u have one cause u’ll have it on u at all times. And there goes my 2nd Micro review.

  7. My pockets are quite large, so much so that I don’t consider carrying around a DS with a GBAMP sticking out of the GBA slot to be a burden, but I can see how that could be an issue with somebody else. Thing is, I really don’t think a fifty dollar price difference is worth a half-inch size difference, especially if you’re buying a console you’ve already bought four times. Also, I could care less if the SP’s lid has scratches on it. I’d take a thousand scratches on the lid before one on the screen. And if scratches on the lid bother you, you can get decals for your SP for about five bucks. It’s not that big of a problem. As for the screen size and easiness to hold, these are both things of prefrence. Of all the people I know who own a Micro, more people don’t like the screen and system size than do. Okay, I only know one person who owns one, but technically, that last sentence is still true. I can see how one might differ, but I really can’t see how the Micro’s pricetag is justifiable.

  8. 50 dollar difference between what?

    “Also, I could care less if the SP’s lid has scratches on it. I’d take a thousand scratches on the lid before one on the screen. “
    The screen doesn’t scratch, man. The faceplate does (if ur really careless).

    “And if scratches on the lid bother you, you can get decals for your SP for about five bucks”
    Or i can switch the faceplate on my Micro and not buy anything.

    “As for the screen size and easiness to hold, these are both things of prefrence.”
    Truth. I’m just saying that the screen, even though it’s smaller, has a much better picture. It’s almost like comparing standard def to HD cause it’s so much clearer. I can promise u that ur GBAMP movies will look tons better on a Micro. Tons better. Then there’s the headphone issue, and i’m assuming u have an original SP, with the frontlight. Oh u just haven’t lived!

    “I really can’t see how the Micro’s pricetag is justifiable.”
    It’s not, really. But it doesn’t detract from how awesome it is. I regretted buying it at first cause it cost so much, but u get over that if it bothers u. It’s just a diff way to enjoy the GBA. Like i sed before, the extreme portability alone will make u fall in love, no matter how big ur pockets r. The size and weight make the difference.

  9. You really have to see this thing in action to appreciate how well designed it is. The pictures just do not do it justice. I could never go back to the awkward square design and tiny shoulder buttons of the SP after playing on the micro.

    I bought the Famicom Micro from lik-sang and it really does look fantastic.

    I’ve mentioned it on this site before but IMO the metal micro looks better than even the (made primarily of plastic) PSP.

    One thing I’d like to add: I’ve never owned a GBA or SP so it probably makes buying the micro that much easier on the pocket (as well as not making me feel too guilty).

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