Nintendo Spotting

This has to be a first for the GBA SP spotted on a topless beach. Nothing like a strapless tan and a little portable Pokemon.

[Thanks, Jose. I guess…]


  1. It’s a trap! Seriously, the face looks very man-ish.

  2. well, it sure aint no booby-trap, he or she appearantly doesnt have any boobs…

  3. How can you tell??

    (Damn black strip!!)

  4. It looks like the bottom of the face is edited in…?

  5. Excuse me, I take exception to this post. I don’t know where this picture came from, but doesn’t anyone wonder if this woman would want this picture all over the internet. I doubt she knew she was being photographed, and since she is at a nude beach Infendo could have at least covered her face as well.

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