Nintendo Spotting

This past Saturday I participated in an “in the Groove” tournament in Orange County, and between matches people would whip out their DSes for a quick game of Mario Kart, or a Pictochat. The atmosphere of eight people playing on their DSes at once was pretty interesting to behold, especially in a crowded arcade filled with loud stomping noises. The ratio of colors was about 4 red, 2 gray, 1 electric blue, and 1 pink (yeah, that was me).
Thanks to everyone who participated and all of the people that are in this photo (you know who you are, even if I don’t).

Forum thread with the results of the tournament


  1. Nice, I have experienced to a lesser extent the power of multiple DSs’ being used in a game together.
    For example I have played Mario Kart with 3 other people and also having 3 people come together in town in Animal Crossing. I have even done the Pictochatting thing with about 4 people also and some strange words/images surfaced on that screen with a bunch of other words/images following after by everyone…fun times indeed.

  2. aye…how can i send in a photo for a Nintendo Spotting?

  3. Tip line, upper right corner on the page.

  4. The biggest DS spotting I’ve ever been in is only 1…2…3. Only three, I know lame 🙁 .

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