Nintendo Spotting

While on my way home to Los Angeles from Saint Paul, I spied this woman killing time at the airport gate by playing her jet black Game Boy Advance SP at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I only wish she’d had a DS so I could’ve challenged her in a mid-flight Mario Kart showdown. Let the battle for the spare bag of peanuts begin!


  1. I love seeing people playing that don’t fall into the demographic. Kick ass.

  2. I saw a lady in her late 20’s playing GBA when I went to pick my sister up last week at the airport. Couldn’t think of a discrete way to get a pic for this place but I thought about it.

  3. …Late 20’s?

    MuffinGal, care to school this guy? ^_^

  4. ROFL – Hey, my mom is in her early 50’s and Rollin has had the pleasure of playing ACWW with her! So the late 20’s is nothing!

    As a matter of fact, I am in my 30’s and my sister is in her 20’s and we all game. I think that the demographics are wrong and Iwata is trying to correct the incorrect notion that gamers are young males.

    Too bad the american marketing team at the big N continues to show guys playing with their SP’s and DS’s. At least the japanese team shows more woman rocking the DS!

  5. Wouldn’t playing multiplayer DS in mid-flight be counted as using a wireless device and will cause interference with navigation equipment? 😀

  6. Exactly! You’re not allowed to use any wireless functions on flights. Do you have a death wish!!!?

    Though, it probably wouldn’t do much harm – but the pilot would be able to tell someone was using something wireless..

  7. It is cool that nintendo are kickin’ ass but i must admit it’s kinda creepy seeing people in their 40’s playing computer games.

  8. You think ur gonna stop when u hit 40?


  9. Don’t hate on older gamers. Young kids aready talk crap on “us” older gamers (I’m 22).

    I make it my personal duty to kick any cocky kid gamers arse. And when I am 40 I will still be owning the 4th generation of brats!

  10. I LOVE YOU frisby! Preach!

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