Nintendo Spotting

How often have you been in “the zone” during the past half year with the Nintendo DS?

[Source: Flickr]


  1. Nice.

    Old hoodie + Pajama Pants + DS = heaven.

    I don’t often get in “the zone” when I game–I don’t really work that way–but the “comfort zone”? Sure, definitely. That’s one zone that’s impossible to miss with the DS, a good game, a big fluffy seat and really comfortable clothes. And nothing else to do, that helps.

  2. I can’t count high enough to tell you.

    That number will only sky rocket as soon as i get Animal crossing the 25th and metroid hunters the day it comes out.

  3. “The zone”… I don’t think i’ve been in since F-Zero GX. But got a lot of fun with Nintendogs 😮

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