Nintendo shows little at its Media Summit

Brain Age 2Nintendo lifted unnecessary embargos on a paltry showing of games at this week’s Media Summit in Seattle. I wasn’t expecting much and it sure ended up that way according to the internets. But fear not Infendoites, the little that was shown sounds promising, particularly Mario Strikers Charged (Wii), Brain Age 2 (DS), and The Bigs (Wii).

The best news from what I can tell is that Nintendo’s first outing in online console multiplayer sounds solid with most calling the four-player soccer action seamless and fun. Details were sparse regarding friend code integration and how easy it is to play others online, but it sounds like it gets the job done. Nice!

Regarding the low-key event, Game|Life writes, “the [demo] room was a ghost town hours before the game sessions were closed,” going on to describe the summit as anything but for hardcores (again with the derogatory party-game remarks). I, on the other hand, was happy to hear about the handful of games showcased. And let us not forget, there are gobs of hardcore games on their way in addition to several first party standouts slated for this summer and fall. Digg nation seems to agree, too (or at least hope like us).

Lackluster event aside, the Wii sky is hardly falling. Me thinks the party is just getting started…