Nintendo set to expand DS into … train stations?!

casual gamerBy this time next year, the Nintendo DS could be watching your children, piloting your 737 to see relatives on the West Coast and/or reinventing the wheel. Or something like that.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, didn’t quite say all the gibberish I just typed above, but he came close–as far as a video game company is concerned anyway.

The “new Nintendo” will begin to focus next year on expanding the DS even further into super casual land with “features [that] will be useful in places like train stations, amusement parks or museums and [that] could be accessed wirelessly,” Iwata said. We’ve already started to see this at Safeco Field with the Seattle Mariners, and in Japan at a select few museums, but apparently Nintendo wants to take this laid back, non-game thing into the cas-core stratosphere.