Nintendo Rights A Wrong


On the most recent Infendo Podcast, we told the listeners about a guy that purchased a defective Wii U, transferred his Wii Data over, then returned the unit to a retail store.  Unfortunately, he did not contact Nintendo to complete a warranty exchange.  Since he did not follow the correct procedures he lost all of his downloads.  Luckily, Nintendo was nice enough to credit him for some of his purchases, but not all.  For full details, give the podcast a listen.

Looking back, I was probably a little harsh on Nintendo for only refunding a portion of the customer’s downloads, when in reality they didn’t have to do anything since he did not follow the rules.

On the bright side, Kotaku has reported a story on the flip side of the coin.  Ryan, a Nintendo fan such as ourselves, had about $570 in downloads on his Wii.  During the transfer process he ran into issues, resulting in a loss of his beloved purchases.  Unlike the previous gamer, Ryan followed Nintendo’s policies and contacted them directly.  As a result, Nintendo not only credited him 5700 points, but threw in an extra $50 for the “inconvenience”.

“Basically, Nintendo remotely deleted the licences for my Virtual Console and WiiWare purchases remotely from my Wii system, and credited my Wii shop on the Wii U with 57000 points ($570, the value of my Wii Virtual Console/Wiiware library). Then they gave me a bonus $50 to my Wii U account for “the inconvenience.”

If you want to see the details of his communications with Nintendo, you can view his blog.

So, Nintendo…I apologize for my initial reaction to the way you handled the first gamer’s situation.  I think I might have jumped the gun a bit.  In fact, I should have known better.  Nintendo has a habit of treating its customers fairly and with respect.

Have any of you encountered a similar experience when transferring your eShop games?  What about past customer service encounters with Nintendo, how were you treated?



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5 Responses to Nintendo Rights A Wrong

  1. llaffer says:

    Wii Shop may not have a top limit of how many points can be stored, but it is stated that $200 is the limit for the Wii U eShop wallet. I’m thinking the rep would have given more credit if possible, but $200 was the most that could be given.

  2. Cory says:

    Flame me if you will……
    My xbox breaks 🙁 Lets go to the transfer service url is.
    Click transfer licenses. Go to xbox and start downloading again.
    That took 5 minutes, look at that.

    Not that I am actively promoting xbox but this is just another sign of Nintendo being slow into the digital age. I love my 3DS, and there are a few digital games I want to try, but I’m not going to throw my money away at Nintendo and have to do with a big ordeal if something happens to my 3DS.

  3. Grimreaper says:

    My system over heats so often that since the day I got it I have counted about 20 times where it has overheated and started making a buzzing noise. I thought it might be because I was playing a game, but it will do it if I’m on the web browser or hulu. The only way to fix it is to unplug the plug and plug it back in. Honestly I was expecting a higher quality console from nintendo they have let me down with this console.

  4. Cory says:

    Also, to add to my comment, I should note (as I don’t want to sound like a total douche) that I do think it’s awesome that Nintendo did what they did here. The only problem I have is with this one good story, how many stories are there of people getting screwed (even if it is just because they didn’t follow the protocal that Nintendo allows)? Also, I don’t want to have to go through all of the hoops that Nintendo makes you jump through in issues like this.

  5. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Of course there are little issue like this Cory. When people choose not to follow instructions. Nintendo already said they are working on a universal account system across mobile, console, and portable. Who’s fault is it if now, you ignore their rules until this new system is in place?

    Also… If you want to bring up the 360… 😉 At least most of the WiiU issues are software issues. RROD anyone? 🙂 I think comparatively, the WiiU is doing MUCH better than the last generation of consoles in that respect. Not to mention Live&PSN have both grown quite a bit since it’s early days… much like Miiverse/Nintendo Online will no doubt, do the same.

    Of course they are “slow” in the digital realm, they haven’t had the 7 years of experience there like PS/Xbox. Duh? 🙂

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